What Are You Tolerating?

What Are You Tolerating?

Sometimes we internally tolerate things but on the outside we act like everything is fine. Two days ago a friend of mine pointed out the video clip below and it made me ponder this whole idea of how much should we be quiet and when we should speak.

Jeff VanVonderen is sharing that we become emotionally unhealthy if we feel one way inside, but we act a different way. He bases a lot of this on:

Matthew 5:37 (AMP)
37 Let your Yes be simply Yes, and your No be simply No; anything more than that comes from the evil one.

If we express how we feel and it is truth in love then we let God’s truth do the work and we are released. If we share how we feel and it is wrong then it has the opportunity to be exposed and we can corrected (in love hopefully!).

I believe that I too often keep quiet for several reasons:

  1. I don’t value my opinion or insight. This is a subconscious thing that I have dealt with for years. By the grace of God this is being overcome!
  2. I don’t want to be wrong. I really, really don’t like being wrong! But that hasn’t always been good. It can be the result of pride. I would like to think it is because of this verse in Proverbs that I don’t speak sometimes (but unfortunately that isn’t always the case 🙂 ) Pro 29:11 A fool uttereth all his mind: But a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.

May we all seek to led of the Spirit of God so that we can speak a timely word that is motivated by a pure heart of love. Sometimes it is more loving to speak a hard word than it is to keep our mouth shut.

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