The #ZelenkoProtocol

The #ZelenkoProtocol

The summary below of this video seems correct. He says that of the 800 that were treated for COVID, only 2 died. That is .25%. Only 1/4 of 1 percent of those who had serious symptoms died! This video and other videos that were removed can still be found on Bit Chute. What if doctors would have at least tried this several months ago instead only CDC protocols?


Credit to Marlene Slabaugh
Summarizing an interview of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko because the original video was taken down “for violating Youtube’s community guidelines”. I was able to see it elsewhere…for now.
Dr. Zelenko has a 99.7% survival rate with his patients using his protocol. He did not see any complications, such as heart problems, from the use of HCQ. He says HCQ has been used for 65 years and is one of the safest drugs in the world. It’s safe enough for pregnant and nursing women and children. Dr. Zelenko has been administering it for 20 years and is very familiar with its safety profile.

The clinical trials that claimed that HCQ doesn’t work were not using the proper protocol.
1. Some were using doses as high as 1,200 or 2,400 mg, which were lethal doses. (Zelenko uses 200 mg.) People were killed by overdoses.
2. They administered HCQ when the patients were in severe condition. HCQ is the most effective in the first five days of infection before hospitalization is necessary.
3. They were not using it with the other treatments in his protocol. HCQ and zinc work together. It’s like a gun and a bullet. You have to use both.

Dr. Zelenko says there are four reasons why HCQ has been obstructed:
1. Politics: “People are not dying of COVID-19; people are dying of politics… Politicians are willing to damage life and let the economy burn in order to damage the chances of the president getting re-elected.”
2. Financial conflicts: The pharmaceutical companies have invested a lot of money into developing other treatments, such as Remdesivir. That’s why they want to promote it. Remdesivir costs $3,000; HCQ costs $20. Remdesivir is effective at reducing hospitalization from 15 days to 10 days. Otherwise, it’s not as effective as HCQ.
3. Arrogance: Those who control the flow of information (i.e. the media) think they’re the only ones that have anything of value to say about this. Fox News is the only mainstream news agency that has contacted Dr. Zelenko for an interview.
4. Fear: Based on faulty clinical trials, the media claimed that HCQ was dangerous and lethal so people are scared to take it.When NY issued an executive order against HCQ, it interfered with the treatment of patients and they had to go to other states for it.

Nations/regions that are using Dr. Zelenko’s protocol: Honduras, a large section of Brazil; Turkey, Iran, a city in the Ukraine, Italy, and some Israeli hospitals. All of them saw a drastic drop in death rates within several days of adopting his protocol. Dr. Zelenko credits God for giving him this protocol.
Meanwhile, U.S. politicians and bureaucrats are still fighting it—blocking the truth and disseminating false information worldwide. They call Dr. Zelenko’s success “anecdotal” even though there are actual charts that show death rates dropping within days, for example, in Brazil.
Dr. Zelenko’s opinion? “Anyone who got in the way of access to care and who got in the way of patients having access to medications committed crimes against humanity and are guilty of mass murder.”

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