It’s a Package Deal

It’s a Package Deal


It’s a Package Deal
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In 1983 I was asked to serve as pastor of a Faith church. I had been away from the ministry for three years, and I had no idea what a “Faith” church was, except that faith as a biblical concept seemed fairly sound. So I agreed.

I should add, this was not just any Faith church; it was a satellite-dish-in-the-front-yard Faith church. Painted across the top of the dish in huge, bright red letters were the words, “Jesus Is Lord.”

I should also explain that my three-year hiatus between pastorates was due, in part, to a deep sense of failure I was carrying. A member of my former church died from a virus that within four days left her completely paralyzed. I had been with her, fasting and praying during this time. But when she died on the fifth day, the helplessness I felt crushed my confidence in prayer. It was the most traumatic experience of my young ministry.

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