Hyper Doctrines

Hyper Doctrines

What are hyper doctrines? You could say it is when one doctrine is taken to an extreme and is at the expense of  other truths that are in God’s word. It is so easy to become unbalanced in what we believe, and history has shown that many believers have been deceived by believing things that are partially true, but not the whole truth. I have felt for a while already that the pressure from our society is to bow to hyper-love. God is love, after all, right? Right. And the other doctrine we must hold just as tightly is that God is holy! Jesus is coming back for a bride that is pure, holy, and without spot or wrinkle.

Here is an article that brought this subject to my mind again:

Over the past 50 years there have been waves of doctrinal hype that have, in some cases, negatively impacted the ministry of churches and the faith of believers who were deceived and bought the hype.

Three of the five hyper-movements are alluded to here: faith, hope, love. These movements all claim biblical support. They all claim to represent a “new and improved” gospel that promises a recovery of lost blessings.

These movements also contain doses of heretical teaching, that is to say, truth out of balance. All these movements produced degrees of heresy.

I distinguish five hyper-movements in rough chronological order from 1950 to present:

1. Hyper-Faith (c.1950)

2. Hyper-Authority (c.1960)

3. Hyper-Hope (c.1980)

4.Hyper-Joy (c.1990)

5. Hyper-Love (c.2000)

Beginning in the 1950s, Spirit-filled churches were invaded by a hyper-faith movement known as “The Latter Rain.”  My mentor, Bob Lundstrom, was a Central Bible College student at the height of this movement. He was instructed to nail his eyeglasses to the wall. He was guaranteed that this act of faith would heal his eyes. With his glasses nailed to a wall he was virtually blind and somewhat dangerous for weeks until he scraped the money together for a new set of glasses.

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