Has the Lockdown Helped?

Has the Lockdown Helped?

Israel shut down all business (March 19th), and has an extremely low death rate -20 per million people. The United States recommended shutting down businesses a few days later and has a death rate of 128 per million. Sweden never locked down and still has elementary schools open. It currently has a death rate of 156 per million.

Nebraska, one of the few U.S. states that has not locked down has a death rate of 17 per million. (above stats are according to worldometers.info)

I could try to do all the same research as Dennis Prager did, but I am confident that he is telling the truth. The difference between states that did and didn’t lock down, and the countries that did and didn’t lock down, clearly shows that the difference is minimal at best.

Sweden, the one industrialized Western democracy that did not shut down — engendering intense anger from scientists and other “experts,” as well as left-wing media (i.e., virtually all major media) across the world. Sweden, which still has its restaurants and businesses open, is far below Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, the U.K., the Netherlands, Switzerland and Luxembourg — all of which have national lockdowns — in deaths per 1 million. Yes, Sweden’s death rate per 1 million is higher than its Scandinavian neighbors, Norway and Denmark, which did lock down their economic life. But as of the latest report, in the past two days, Sweden, which has almost exactly the same number of people as Denmark and Norway combined, lost 20 of its citizens to the coronavirus, while its neighbors lost 18.


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