Bill Gates & Vaccines

Bill Gates & Vaccines

Who is Bill Gates? I always saw him as the founder of Microsoft and the person to blame for all of Windows problems. Over the years I heard a little about his interest in vaccines but with him stepping down from Microsoft this year and jumping into the coronavirus discussion, I decided to do some research.

Bill Gates father was on the board for Planned Parenthood (video of Bill Gates saying this). His mother was on the corporate board for IBM (who has a noted history of supporting the Nazis in Germany in the area of Eugenics). Bill Gates partnered with IBM to start Microsoft.

Thomas Watson started IBM. It is interesting that his granddaughter, Jeannette Watson, married Alexander Sanger, the grandson of Margaret Sanger (the founder of Planned Parenthood).

I can only image how these people are connected. Anyone know the story behind this picture? The second picture I found just has more labels. Personally, I question everyone who can associate with George Soros. Notice Fauci?

Bill Gates recently stepped down from Microsoft so that he could focus on bringing vaccines to the world & deal with climate change. His foundation gives money to the NIH, CDC, WHO, & the UN. Back in 1998 he was already involved in population control worldwide as stated in this video after the 1 minute mark. At the end of the video Lauri Zabin clarifies that the name has been changed to “Public Health for Population, Reproductive Health Institute.”

It seems his fear of man made climate change is causing him to use vaccines to reduce the population. He stated that the population needs to be reduced at a TED talk in 2010 (at the 4:30 minute mark), and details of what he has supported can be found here where vaccines would result in sterilization or miscarriages. I am not familiar with that website, but it seems to have things documented fairly well.

He has recently stated on CBS that mass gatherings may never happen again until a vaccine has been given to each one.

Anthony Faucci, director of the NIAID (a subsiderary of the NIH) is on the Leadership council for the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation!

Interestingly in 2010 the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO, UNICEF, & NIAH (Anthony Fauci is the director of this) announced a collaboration called the Decade of Vaccines. Their stated goal is to discover vaccines and find ways to get them to the people who need them. It is extremely interesting that COVID-2 came at the close of this decade.

Bill Gates funded the Pirbright Institute, which just in Nov. 2019 received a European patent for a coronavirus vaccine.

Debra Birx is on the board for The Global Fund (to fight AIDS, tuberculosis & malaria). This organization was started by Bill Gates.

Can we trust Bill Gates?

Can we expect any of these people to give us any solution other than a vaccine? Are vaccines the best answer?

I’ll review better solutions in one of my next articles.

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