A One Woman Man

A One Woman Man


Bruce Lengeman has wrote an excellent article explaining what is needed for a man to have a healthy relationship with his wife. It blessed me so I am passing it along.

Ruthie: A notable incident happened around the second year of our marriage. Bruce was a youth leader, helping to host a weekend youth retreat along with a few other leaders from our church. Our baby girl and I went along. Many of the teens were being touched by God. But there was one particular girl Bruce made sure he didn’t neglect. She was unchurched and new to the things of God—oh, and did I mention, she was beautiful. He went out of his way to make sure her spiritual needs were met. Then one evening she wanted prayer, so I stayed in the room with the baby while Bruce counseled and prayed with this hurting young lady. When the leaders got together to pray on the last day, Bruce gave a brief testimony about how enthused he was for what God was doing in this girl’s life.

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